Most Amazing Facts
Five Most Amazing Facts about Andaman
1. Barren Island in Andaman and Nicobar is the only active volcano in India

Barren Island in Andaman is the only active volcano in India. Barren Island Volcano errupted in the year 1991 and was dormant till Feb 2017. The volcano has once again errupted and smoke and lava flowing out of the crater is visible from far.

There is no regular connectivity to Barren island and it is not permitted to go to the island. Tourists can charter a game fishing boat to go for fishing near the island and witness the rare volcano live from a distance.
2.   Dugong (The state animal of Andaman and Nicobar islands)  These peace loving mammals are found largely in the Andaman sea. They survive mostly on sea grass are strictly vegetarians unlike other sea creatures. It is a vulnerable species and an average Dugong weighs about 300 Kgs.These innocant marine mammals had been the soft target for smugglers worldwide, who had been killing them for meat, oil and bones.   But in Andaman these mammals have been given special protection under the wild life act.

Also famous as sea cows among locals it can not survive under water for very long duration. With its unique structure and harmless nature, it is the favourite of all sea animals for Scuba Divers.
3.  The southern most of India is not Kanyakumari,  Yes it is Indira Point in Andaman and Nicobar.

Not known to many is the fact that the southernmost point in India is Indira point in Great Nicobar. Named after our former prime minister Indira Gandhi, this island was submerged upto 06 metres during Tsunami in 2004.The island has a light house as seen in the picture. The light house once on the sea shore is now  standing tall in the middle of the sea due to the increase in sea level.

There is a Air traffic control tower built on a tree top. This point once witness to many VIP visits is now seen mostly from the helicopters. Lack of proper connectivity to Great Andaman doesn't allow tourists to visit this place.Plans are being made to connect this island with helicopter service in future. May be some day you can click a selfie at the southern most point of India.
4.  The leather back turtle :  Andaman is the nesting ground for world's largest Sea Turtle

World's largest turtle, the leather back sea turtle nests in the beaches of Andaman sea. The 900 Kg sea turtle has its evolution history of 100 million years. These 7 feet long creatures can dive 4000 feet under water and stay there for as long as 35 minutes. They live for 80 years on average. The most amazing fact about this turtles is that the female lays around 100 eggs on the shores of Andaman islands and go back into the water and never come back to same place again. The eggs take 60 days to hatch. The turtle babies are born 2-3 inches in size and are left all alone to go to the sea. Unfortunately they are the favourite targets of the predatory fishes and only one in thousand babies grow up to become an adult leather back turtle.
5. The most isolated tribe in the world has been living in andaman for more than 600 years
There are 6 aboriginal tribes in Andaman & Nicobar islands.  On the basis of features, they can be divided into Negrito and Mongoloid. Great Andamanese, Onge, Jarawa and Sentinelese are negrito while Nicobarese and Shompen are mongoloid. Shompens and Nicobarese seem to be descendents of primitive Malayans. These tribes still keep a separate entity and don;t cover their bodies. The tribal groups in the two respective regions have very little in common in the ethnic, linguistic or cultural sense. Their life styles are also very different.
Tribes Race Islands
Onges Negroid Little Andaman
Sentinelese Negroid Sentinel Islands
Jarawa Negroid Middle and South Andaman
Andamanese Negroid Strait Island
Shompen Mongoloid Great Nicobar
Nicobarse Mongoloid Nicobar