Baratang Island
A small part of the Andaman islands, Baratang island is situated 100 km away from the capital city of Port Blair. It lies in the North and middle region of the Andaman islands. Due to its distant location, a huge part of the Baratang lies unexplored from the tourists and hence is a delight for the offbeat travellers. The island is a home to India's only mud volcanos, limestone caves, mangrove creeks, tropical forests and the virgin beaches.

The Baratang islands were earlier the home of the Jarawa tribe. The capturing and attacking the visitors and government officials were a common occurrence in this area. It is only recently that a reserved area has been set up by the government to protect the interests of the tribe in Baratang islands, which has led to peaceful relations of the tribal people with the outer world. Hence, the tourism has been made possible in the Baratang islands only recently. A major part of the island still lies unexplored by the tourists. While taking a boat ride to limestone caves, you pass through the reserved areas of tribes, if lucky, you can still witness the Jarawans in their tribal avatar.
The wonderful limestone caves
Baratang is the land of nature's wonder. The untouched beaches of Baratang islands are the unmatched beauty of the place, but the limestone caves are the heart-winning places for the nature lovers. The caves can be accessed by a 45 minutes boat ride from Baratang. The journey through the Andaman sea to the wonderful lime caves is truly an exhilarating experience which takes you through the mangrove reserves, Uttara Jetty and the tribal areas of the islands. The caves were formed millions of years ago due to the slow deposition of lime on the earth's surface giving one of nature's wonder to the mankind
The Mud Volcano
We all surely have heard of the lava volcanos, but what you will witness in Andaman are the unique volcanos that erupt mud. The volcanos are sprawled over a huge area of 1,000- 1,200 sqm. The first eruption of mud in the Baratang islands was seen in the year 1983. However, the last mud eruption was seen in the year 2003. Along with the mud, the volcanos spills out various gas. The eruption of the mud has caused various craters that are spread all over the area. The mud volcanos are truly a unique masterpiece of nature which attracts the nature and geography enthusiasts.
The experience at Parrot Island at sunset, when all the parrots are returning home is indeed a mesmerizing experience.
This is a small uninhabited island located near Baratang Jetty. What makes it attractive for tourists is the mystery that this island holds which calls thousands of parrots every evening. To reach here, one has to take a fiber boat from Baratang Jetty and cross through a creek. It is better to visit in the evenings if you want to see parrots. Each evening, thousands of parrots flock together and roost here. They leave this island next morning. In the mean time they trim the island and leave it perfectly pruned. As the sun sets, the quite sea and the silence turns into a roosting ground for many parakeets. The birds that come to Parrot island are called parakeets as they are varied groups. Watch the birds come and roost, and fly inside and outside the island. You cannot leave from there without wondering 'why only Parrot Island?'